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The third set (7-9) in the TYL MASTERWORK SERIES is now available!


DVD 7 - Vocational Profiling                The Midheaven Extension Process

DVD 8 - Medical Astrology               Understanding & Anticipating Critical Illness

DVD 9 - The Matured Astrologer Seeing the Horoscope Living Within

For information on the previous sets of 3 DVDs in the Series, Click Here.


Reviewed by Mary Plumb in the Mountain Astrologer April/May 2011

I just watched the first three (of nine) DVD’s by Noel Tyl. For any newcomers to astrology who may be unfamiliar with Tyl, he has written more than 30 books and taught extensively throughout the world, including his Masters Certification Course. This is a beautifully produced series of lectures given by a very experienced astrologer who is unabashed about his enthusiasm for the art of astrology and passionate about teaching, to “help us be the best astrologers we can be.”

The first DVD is Creative Management of Astrology’s Basics. Herein, Tyl discusses his overall approach, which begins by seeing the horoscope as a description of the social patterns of development. He acknowledges that many approaches to astrology are based on memorized lists of qualities and “leave the human being behind.” Tyl’s teaching is consistently focused on how to “relate the horoscope to the person.”

He views all the planets as symbolizing needs that we have. He shows how to look at the horoscope to identify individual needs and to see how the culture and circumstances of the individual’s life either interfered with or supported those needs. A key idea is that, if we understand our development, we can alter our behavior to increase our fulfillment. We can understand what questions to ask our clients and discuss strategies with them for enriching the growth process now. Tyl’s work is methodically explained and also exhibits a fine understanding of human development. This combination of method and content marks him as an excellent teacher.

In DVD 1, Tyl demonstrates his process for quickly assessing a chart, which takes note of hemispheric emphasis and retrograde patterns. He introduces some of the particular points that he especially values and works with again and again – the importance of peregrine planets, the quindedile (165 degrees) and quintile (72 degrees) aspects, and Saturn retrograde.

Tyl is famous for his very influential description of the Moon as the “reigning need.” This is the subject of DVD 2, The Moon Inside and Out. According to him, The Moon “makes things happen.” Moving swiftly as messenger from the Sun to the Earth, it is “eager for a message to be communicated” and “brings the horoscope literally and figuratively to life.” In the talk, Tyl discusses the Moon in each sign and suggests a key question for each Moon sign, to evoke a meaningful conversation with our clients. This is a very unique and valuable part of Tyl’s teaching; the precision in his methods show ways to maximize our time with clients by knowing what to ask. We can then “talk to them about their reality” and keep the person and their own experience at the center of the chart.

DVD 3, Tensions in Life Development, looks at “the interplay of life experience” through the rulerships of the houses. Tyl shows quick ways of identifying developmental tension in the chart and gives many celebrity examples that describe the main complexes. The lives of these notable people demonstrate how they have successfully resolved or negotiated their own key developmental tensions.

Each DVD is organized around a talk, then demonstration of the points presented, using several horoscopes – Julia Roberts, Justin Simpson (O.J.’s son), Chastity (now Chaz) Bono, Sarah Palin, and Jodie Foster, to name a few.

Students will love this: We watch Tyl mark up the horoscope with his various special notations, and we follow his method and see his thinking, again and again. The material is all clearly organized but also very lively: he is entertaining – his natal Leo Moon, as he tells us, is in the 3rd house. Although he has a sympathetic nature, he can also be funny. Here’s one of my favorites: When addressing each of the Moon signs, he gets to Scorpio and says, “Let’s skip that one.” His observations are unique: for example, he feels that the Moon in Taurus is the most difficult placement for the Moon, since “the resistance to change is now always helpful to growth.”

Noel Tyl trains astrologers to ask searching questions of our clients, which is “half of our wisdom.” He is a gentleman who appreciates human development and “the process of becoming.” He is also a warm and wonderful teacher. I look forward to viewing the rest of the series. (You can watch a sample of each DVD, after it is produced, at the project Web site listed above.)

I have just received the first three DVDs and watched them with great enjoyment.  It was lovely to see Noel in action as in Australia we have only had one visit to date.  I have read the reviews from the link Kathy Rose posted and thoroughly agree with them.  Kathy Rose thank you for the art, the production and giving Noel the opportunity to present his work so clearly.

I think these are wonderful DVDs for astrologers from beginner to advanced to watch as there is plenty of information to stimulate thought.  Though the charts are presented on the DVDs, I think it is a good idea to make sure you have those Noel uses on hand so you can personally follow what he presenting.

Alice McDermott, Australia

The latest Tyl Masterwork DVDs are a notable addition to the extraordinary teaching of Noel Tyl and they are beautifully produced and directed by Kathy and Norvell Rose. I found them a very valuable source of learning, in an unusually personal and one-to-one way, Noel Tyl’s unique approach to the horoscope.

Beforehand, I wondered how Noel would present this work, without his usual audience of astrologers, direct to the camera! It worked like a dream, with Noel’s compelling gaze helping to emblazon concepts of learning on our astro-consciousness for evermore.

He also made the presentation compelling through his obvious delight in the eternally fascinating nature of the human condition! There were several moments of almost roguish glee at how astrology could capture certain insights, which I thought were delightful and unforgettable. These moments can only come from a true Master.

In these DVDs, each on a separate theme, it becomes very clear how his perceptive, clear analysis using simple, straightforward keys would be the envy of psycho-analysts. Simply and directly, Noel shows where early influences in a person’s life point to where and how energies and needs are likely to be directed in adult life, not only in order to gain a better sense of self-fulfilment but to shore up potential vulnerabilities.

Tyl students understand the basic thrust of Noel’s teaching but this set of DVDs takes the learning one step further through making it easier to absorb because it’s so direct and accessible. Reducing what can be a massively daunting task, especially for the newcomer, of deciding what’s important in analysis, is beautifully demonstrated here! Those who might feel daunted by the size and scope of his magnum opus teaching manual “Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology” will find that these DVDs greatly assist learning, aided by superb visuals, to better comprehend the creative synthesis and “gulps of understanding” contained in Noel’s great masterwork.

Much credit and many thanks go to Noel, as well as Kathy and Norvell Rose for the professionalism and care which were put into the production! We very much look forward to future editions in the series.

Jill Amery

One-On-One, With A Master Astrologer

Noel Tyl’s MasterWork DVD Series offers a unique new way of learning, which will delight new and seasoned astrologers alike.  While Tyl is well known for being one of the most prolific writers in the astrology field, this DVD series also highlights his gift as a dynamic communicator, who is able to express deep astrological insights in cogent, memorable phrases.

This DVD series is a pleasure to watch.  From the first minute of playing the disc, I was impressed by the high production value of the DVD—the audiovisual quality is top notch throughout the DVD, and captures Noel Tyl’s presence in intimate ways.  Coupled with Tyl’s natural camera presence, it truly feels as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with him in his living room.

Real Time, Visual Learning: An Innovative Way to Study Astrology

Have you ever wondered how an experienced astrologer works on a horoscope from scratch to arrive at meaningful insights? One of the most unique aspects of this DVD series is that it allows you to see just that, right from Tyl’s viewpoint as he works on the horoscopes.   

Tyl works with dozens of example horoscopes in these first 3 DVDs of the series.  While such exercises normally would take considerable time and effort to follow in a book format, this series’ visually oriented format allows the viewers to instantly grasp the steps Tyl takes to make his deductions.  

As you see him work through horoscope after horoscope, you’ll naturally begin to learn how Tyl looks at a natal chart in its entirety, and can follow his thinking process as he notes key measurements and makes creative deductions.  I was struck by how simple his notations were, and how quickly he worked with each horoscope, while sounding very relaxed and making it all seem effortless.

In Depth Discussions of Essential Horoscope Measurements

In watching Noel Tyl speak about the various aspects of a natal chart, I got the sense that every sentence was worth hearing, because of his profound understanding of astrological symbols as they’re related to individual development.

Take DVD #1 for instance, which is titled “Creative Management of Astrology’s Basics.”  I can assure you that it is not at all like a basic astrology lesson you’d expect.  In fact, I don’t recall any beginner’s text covering the materials discussed in this DVD. The measurements introduced are simple to understand, but powerful in their ability to provide meaningful insights right off the bat.

DVD #2, “The Moon Inside and Out” is a masterful treatise on the “reigning need” of the natal Moon. Again, you will not find this material in any beginner’s books on Moon signs. I’m confident that deeply understanding this DVD alone could make you a more effective astrologer, and perhaps even a happier person.

DVD #3, “Tensions in Life Development” is a discussion on 12 houses like none you’ve ever heard before.  The psychodynamic understanding of houses and their rulers Tyl presents is indispensable, and opens a wide array of possibilities for creative chart interpretation.

Conclusion: Conversational Learning With Noel Tyl

Tyl’s tone is passionate, caring, and relentlessly intelligent throughout the series—there is no “dumbing down” whatsoever. For me, this made each minute of the DVD an intense, thoughtful experience. I’m pretty sure that next time I view them, there will be more new things that will strike me and help my understanding grow.

Regardless of the level of technical knowledge you may have about astrology, you will find yourself learning and enjoying quite a bit throughout these DVDs, just as you would in a relaxed, face-to-face conversation with a wise teacher.  I’m looking forward to the continuation of this exciting DVD series.

Reviewed by Hiroki Niizato, astrologer and writer of Holistic Astrologer Blog.

I just viewed Noel's new 3 DVDs in his MasterWork Series. I have to tell you that anyone who is serious about learning how to analyze a horoscope in the most useful way that is helpful to others needs to buy these DVDs. As always Noel shows us his mastery of astrology, focusing on the importance of putting the person at the center of the horoscope, seen through the lense of their reality. Noel shows us how to analyze the most important parts of the horoscope through hemisphere emphasis and what is needed to make each person feel fulfilled. He shows us how to do this in a concise efficient manner that weeds out all the mumbo jumbo that gets in our way, leaving us open for clear, helpful interpretation.

I also loved the way these DVDs were produced by Rose Productions with beautiful graphics that jump off the screen and come to life by viewing the zodiac moving through the cosmos. 

These 3 videos are a series that all serious students of Astrology must have. I've studied astrology intensely for over 35 years and am a strong believer in Noel Tyl's effective teaching methods and the fact that they can not be surpassed by anyone else in the world.

Sincerely, Dixie T.

I have  to say something about Noel's DVD's. It is a remarkable creation ... not only the content but the quality of the video. For an old gumshoe, like myself, who is not easily moved and lurks in the background (trying to find out who's naughty or nice) - I had pins and needles as to the videographics when I first opened Disc 1. I thought I was back at the Epcot Center. Moving into the seminar itself Noel is superb. He is spontaneous and marvelous speaking from the depths (and I think we all believe now, the "cosmic" depths) of his soul. It is great. My first reaction was to use all three discs in my next three classes.

Noel, thank you so very much. This is a real gift. And Kathy, I can only admire you and your husband's talents in putting this together. 

I am usually a quiet guy (?). My brother always advises me "Alan, never loose and opportunity to say nothing" - but this stuff is stirring and I had to say something.

 Alan O.

Good Morning,

I received Noel's  new 3 DVDs in his MasterWork Series several days ago. Last night I sat and watched the first one and, even though it was well after my bed times, watched the second one also!

I am so thrilled and amazed at the beautiful job and the beautiful teaching here! I hardly know how to express my gratitude that this work is being presented in this manner. These DVDs will inspire many, many serious and aspiring astrologers for years to come. Thank you Noel and thank you to Rose Productions!

Noels mastery of his subject and his deep love of humanity shine through as clearly as being in the room with this great man!

I can't wait to watch the 3 DVD today and will wait expectantly for the next in the series!

I will certainly recommend these to anyone with a serious desire to understand astrology or humanity.

Thank you. Thank you.

Sincerely, Laurie F.

I have completed viewing all 3 videos and all I can say is when is the next one coming!

For me, in my learning style, I learn easier when I see how it is done. And in these 3 videos I get to watch Noel as he follows the key principles he teaches. I see, I feel, the deductions being built, as each foundational concept is observed. I see his mind moving, if you will, the wheels turning. I see once again how little astrology is needed to anticipate behavior patterns. How what I already know about life is as important as the symbolic guidance of the planets and points. How "as above" becomes alive in "so below".

These videos, along with Noel's book "Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology ", should be sold as a single package. They should become part of the Master Course. That's how good the first three were.

So professional and yet so personal! You really feel like you are sitting in front of Noel and he's talking directly to you. And of course he's as entertaining as he always is. (OK he does have more Tyl tangents at his seminars. <smile>)

These videos will be an excellent refresher course for the more advanced Tyl students. For Tyl students, those in lessons 1-5 or so, these will answer a lot of your questions. If you appreciate astrology and have never learned the Tyl building blocks then these are essential.

If you have friends who don't know what to get you for Christmas let them know about these videos.

OK, I've pontificated enough! Go forth, purchase the DVD's, be fruitful, and multiply.

Kathy & Norvel what a masterful job!


Hello, Mr. Tyl and everybody,

I have received the Master Work Series DVD last week, and I am watching it repeatedly since then.  It is very soul-spurring and I re-confirmed my determination to promote "Tyl astrology" in Japan.

Now I am printing the charts appeared in DVD one by one and studying them(total exceeds 50!).

When you analyze the chart yourself and listen to the point Mr. Tyl specify in the DVD, you see how deep and to the point all those comments are.

I really appreciate Mr. Tyl and Mr. And Mrs. Rose for producing such a awesome, fascinating learning material.



Congratulations Noel, Kathy and Norvell!

I've watched the first two DVD's and they are simply World Class in every respect!!!!

EM brings the symbolism to life with such depth of wisdom and insight into being human that I am in awe!!!!

Norvell, Kathy and Noel have produced an intimate video where I felt that I was sitting in the front of a seminar with Noel (as I did in January this year). I was answering Noel out loud as he asked me to question what I know, why I know it and inspired me to know more, to be the best person and astrologer that I can be.

These videos are not a repeat of the lessons of Noel's correspondence course. They are a distillation of the finest thinking of the finest astrologer that I know. Words fail me ... AHA moments flowed like a river as I sat rivetted while our dear teacher passionately, brilliantly expounded what he knows and loves so dearly.

If you wish to bring your astrological consultations to greater heights of living, breathing excellence I suggest that these videos are not a luxury, they're a necessity!!!

Bravo Noel and Norvell!!! Brava Kathy!!!!

I am blown away .... 


I received my DVD set in the mail today.  Currently in the middle of the very first one.  I can honestly say that so far the information has exceeded my expectation, and it was pretty high!  Although I am not a techno-person, it is also produced very well!  Thank you Noel and Kathy!  I look forward with anticipation for DVDs number 4-9 in the coming year!  The synopsis of each looks outstanding!

Venus Scorpio Girl

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